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absorbent cotton roll

absorbent cotton roll

100% absorbent cotton wool

Description: 100% absorbent cotton Soft and high absorbency

We have invested more than 30 million USD to open a new medical products factory. We have 10 sets bleaching machine for absorbent cotton and gauze. Our cotton bleaching machine is from Germany Thies Company and the gauze bleaching machine is from Hongkong Fong‘s company. We can produce 7,000 tons absorbent cotton and 100 million meter gauze jumbo roll. And we are building two spun laced lines, one line is to produce 100% cotton nonwoven fabric which capacity is 2000 tons per year. And another is to produce 100% cotton make-up remover, which capacity is 2000 tons also.   Absorbent Cotton Wool 25g
Absorbent Cotton Wool 50g
Absorbent Cotton Wool 100g
Absorbent Cotton Wool 150g
Absorbent Cotton Wool 200g
Absorbent Cotton Wool 250g
Absorbent Cotton Wool 400g
Absorbent Cotton Wool 454g
Absorbent Cotton Wool 500g
Absorbent Cotton Wool 1000g

Packings: Paper packets, with or without paper interleaving

rouleau de coton
100% coton hydrophile
Soft et forte capacité d'absorption

25g absorbant Laine Coton
50g absorbant Laine Coton
100g absorbant en laine de coton
150g absorbant en laine de coton
200g absorbant en laine de coton
250g absorbant en laine de coton
400g absorbant en laine de coton
454g absorbant en laine de coton
500g absorbant en laine de coton
1000g absorbant en laine de coton
  Emballages: paquets de papier, avec ou sans papier intercalaire

  ماص القطن لفة

الوصف :
100 ٪ القطن ماص
لينة وامتصاصية عالية
25g ماص القطن والصوف
50g ماص القطن والصوف
100g ماص القطن والصوف
150g ماص القطن والصوف
200g ماص القطن والصوف
250g ماص القطن والصوف
400g ماص القطن والصوف
454g ماص القطن والصوف
500g ماص القطن والصوف
1000g ماص القطن والصوف

حشوات : الحزم ورقة، مع أو بدون ورقة التداخل

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