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Absorbent cotton making plant

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Absorbent cotton making plant
Originally absorbent cotton was develop0ed for the purpose of medical use. At present absorbent cotton is used for sanitary use and in the surgical operation as well as for ordinary daily living.
Absorbent cotton is a material which comes in direct contact with the human body, so the quality of absorbent cotton is provided for in the pharmacopoeia of advanced countries.
The pharmacopoeia of Japan describes absorbent cotton as “the deoiled and bleached tuft of seed of the cultivated variety of Malvaceac family of plants”. The fibre of absorbent cotton is very elastic; it consists of 98~99.5% αcellulose which has a diameter of 16~30Ч and length of 12~40mm. the colour of absorbent cotton is not pure white; when piles one upon another, the overlap has a slightly yellowish white colour.
The following points concerning absorbent cotton are provided by the respective item indicating their figures in the pharmacopoeia of Japan.
1-      remained acid or alkali
2-      amount of water soluble substances
3-      existence of coloring matter
4-      existence of fluorescent whitening agent.
5-      Sedimentation velocity after impregnating with water
6-      Water absorbing capacity
7-      Mixing of other fibers
8-      Degree of nepping
9-      Mixed amount of matters which come from cotton seed
10-   Other foreign matters mixed together
The above points are described in the pharmacopoeia of japan. The U.S. Pharmacopoeia and the British Pharmaceutical Codex are also nearly the same.
The smell of fat and soap is due to insufficient deoiling and water-rinsing. The smell of chemicals and mould is due to unsuitable storage.
Absorbent cotton is sterilized in accordance with the provisions in the pharmacopoeia. Ethylene oxide gas is effective for sterilizing and can be included in the plant if desired.
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